Holiday in Romania


From June 14 up until July 5 we spent three weeks cycling and visiting Romania. Why would you go on holiday to Romania? We had several personal reasons. A friend of us has his own company called Rocon, which is a consultancy company promoting the international commerce between Romania and the Netherlands. Furthermore, two french friends of us, Gérald and Diana married in Romania on 29 June. She is romanian and her parents live near the ski resort of Sinaia. We decided to go by airplane to Bucharest and take our bicycles with us in the plane. In that way we were able to cycle in Romania. Our general impression: The roads we took are very well suited for cycling. You will be able so watch peasants working on the lands like we knew 50 years ago, beautiful nature and small villages. We took our bicycles in fast trains (Accelerats), but had to negotiate with the conductor. Money distributors are found in all larger cities. Tourism is still under developed. Especially to find a place for sleeping is not always easy. Price to quality relation can vary a lot. Just near to an expensive hotel, you might find a wonderful bed and breakfast for very little money. May and June seem good months to go to Romania. We had good weather all the time, except for regions with high mountains where it is often clouded. The country is very cheap as a vacation destination. An average meal in a restaurant costs some LEI 200,000 or € 6.00. Do not expect any 'haute cuisine'. Cheaper hotels can be found for €3.00 to €5.00 a person. In the larger cities you will have to pay €20.00 for a double room. We used the 2001 edition of the rough guide to Romania. It contained very extensive information, but was not very reliable concerning places to sleep. Romania is very dynamic, meaning hotels are often closed or new ones opened. A very good map is that of Térképmühely 'Romania' on a scale of 1: 700,000. ISBN 973-98646-8-6. The Romanian air line company Tarom offers good services from Amsterdam to Bucarest. Tickets can be booked at cheap prices (we paid € 261.61 including all taxes for one person) at Fontana, tel: 026-442 58 47. You can transport you bike in cardboard box (which you can buy for €17.00 at the airport) or in transparent plastic (which you can buy at the 'fietsvakantiewinkel' in Woerden).
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Our schedule included
14 June Plane to Bucharest
15 June Train to Bicaz
16 June On bike to Lacu Rosu
17 June Walk in mountains near Lacu Rosu
18 June Bike along the Bicaz lake to Petru Voda
19 June Bike to the Varatec monastery
20 June Bike to the Voronet monastery
21 June Visited the painted monasteries of Voronet and Humor
22 June Bike to Ciocanesti
23 June Bike to Borsa
24 June Bike to Botiza
25 June Worked on the land and visited the village of Botiza
26 June Bike to Ocan Sugatag
27 June Bike to Baie Mare
28 June Train to Sinaia
29 June Visited Peles castle and wedding of Gérald and Diana
30 June Visited Diana's parents
1 July Walk at Busteni
2 July Bike to Brasov and watched bears
3 July Visited Brasov with Régis and Claudinne and train to Bucarest
4 July Visited Bucarest
5 July Plane to Amsterdam
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14 June Plane to Bucharest

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